Our company is fully aware of all the necessary law requirements and sheriff’s policies needed for moving evictions.  We will send our professionally trained staffs who are not only experienced in all aspects of moving but those who are aware of what to do in situations that may occur during the eviction process.  RT Share will provide packing, moving and storage services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day on notice.  We are fully licensed with the Department of Transportation and the United States Department of Transportation, and comply with all Federal, State and Local statutes, codes and regulations.


Landlord/Tenant Information


At the time of the evictions, the landlord will be required to provide all necessary manpower and materials to complete the eviction as expeditiously as possible.  The personal property of the tenant must be moved to a place where the tenant can recover it without unreasonable difficulty.  This requires the landlord/ attorney to provide a minimum of four people to do the moving.  All expenses will be incurred by the landlord.  The landlord assumes any responsibility for damage to the property during the moving/ storage of the property.  The landlord may not break into the dwelling, may not move a tenant’s belongings out and may not turn off the heat and utilities.   The sheriff is the only person who may remove property from the premises and this can be done only after the landlord has been awarded a warrant and their personal property must be physically removed from the premises described in the warrant.  There is no “lockout”.  The landlord (at his expense) must provide proper moving & storage, off site, by and insured, competent mover.  The removed goods must be stored in a secure storage within the county.  RT Share Inc. will be able to provide you with all the necessary papers and services to make your eviction experience a pleasant one.  Let us try to take some of the stress out of your eviction.